Facebook Addiction among University Students in Turkey: "Selcuk University Example"

Şükrü BALCI, Abdülkadir GÖLCÜ


In the last five years Facebook has started to take an important part of people’s daily life as the
result of developments in communication technologies. Nowadays so many scholars from
communication studies accept Facebook as a mass communication media that provides people
to reach so much kind information and also it provides people to communicate with their social
contacts. Beside these additions, people have a great time and fun by using Facebook. However;
beside its benefits to social and personal life of users, it is undeniably true that Facebook has
some negative effects for its users because of heavy and aimless usage. Definitely the most
important of these problems is Facebook Addiction. It is so common especially among teenagers.
Facebook Addiction also makes teenagers experience problems and erosions in their social
life and relations. This survey focuses on Facebook Addiction among university students. According
to data taken by 903 students from Selcuk University; %5.1 of the students is addicts
and %22.6 of the students is in the risky group. According to these results, it can be clearly
said that %27.7 of participants is problematic Facebook users. It was revealed by this survey
that there is a meaningful relation between Facebook operating time of participants and loneliness
level of participants with Facebook Addiction level. Moreover, it was seen that Facebook
Addictions of participants differentiate according to their Facebook usage purposes.

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